Forensic Handwriting examination

Forensic Handwriting examination

• Individuals

• Banks

• Public and private companies

• Banks

• Insurances Companies

• Law Firms

• Accounting Firms

• Investigative Agencies

• School Boards and Universites

Accepted as an expert witness and testified in :

Superior Court of Québec, Rental Board, Conseil de discipline de l’Ordre des pharmaciens

Expert witness available to give opinion regarding the identification of forensic handwriting. I can provide reports concerning :

Signature Comparison, forgery & Counterfeit Detection

Anonymous Writing (Graffitti), written Letters

Checks, Wills, Deeds, Legal Contracts, Loan documents

Court Documents, Handwriting & Signature Examinations / Comparisons

Member of the National Association of Document Examiners

Forensic Handwriting examination

Misty Carranza

Handwriting examination

Laval, Québec

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